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Salman Khan and Akshay kumar likes well mannered fans

It’s very common when a fan posts his picture with his/her superstar. But, have you ever seen any superstar posting his pic with any fan. This time, Salman Khan has done the same. Yes, Salman Khan has posted a pic of himself posing with a kid at the airport as he likes well-mannered fans.

Actually, where ever Salman Khan goes… his fans instantly start taking his pictures without his consent. But, that kid was very quiet when he saw him and very gently asked for a pic when he got a chance.  This behavior of the kid makes Salman very much surprised. So, he just posted this pic from his account to share the moment.

Many times Salman had said in interviews that he doesn’t like people to click his pictures without asking him. Salman himself never refuses anyone for a pic if he has time available.

But, a fan of Akshay Kumar had a bad experience when he was trying to have a selfie with Akshay. Actually, Akshay’s bodyguard pushed him away from Akshay. But, this behavior of the bodyguard left Akshay’s fan surprised.

Here is the tweet of Salman Khan:

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